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Fight for Rights Establishment of Extreme poor through Development Organization and Movement (FREEDOM)

Duration :   01 July 2004 to 30 June 2013 (Continue)

Main Focus of the Project:   Hard Core Poor People of project location.

Objective of the project:

  • To strengthen integrity, power and participation of food security group members for supporting HCP in the  community.
  • To continue development and welfare services for HCP beneficiaries of project areas.
  • To increase human resources of HCP adolescent girls of project areas.
  • To increase community awareness on human rights and resist atrocities against women.
  • To strengthen collaboration and coordination among groups NGOs civil society and HCP.
  • To campaign, lobby and advocacy in government civil society for HCP land rights and justice rights.
  • To develop skill, perception and knowledge of staff about HCP rights issue and program management.
  • To establish life and livelihood security for HCP and disable HCP in project area.
  • To empower and to increase capacity of the targeted MMC groups in the upazila so that they can establish their basic human rights.
  • To improve health and safe living condition of the targeted MMC so that they can minimize incidences of health hazards and can enjoy health friendly environment.
  • To increase organizational and community capacity for disaster risk mitigation so that social integrity improve and disaster vulnerability reduce.
  • To prevent violence/discrimination against women so that justice prevail for victim persons.
  • To improve livelihood options for targeted MMC and to welfare to disable MMC so that they can enjoy security and well being.
  • To change social policies and practices to reduce the vulnerability of the MMC groups of people.
  • Strengthening the capacity of old (existing) Group Leaders from Babuganj area to be self reliant to demand and exact social protection services from its source including health and well-being
  • Improving socio-economic status as well as health and well-being aspect of the newly enlisted beneficiary (MMCs) from Banaripara
  • Empowering the new project beneficiary groups from Banaripara in terms of rise in their social status and building their capacity to get access to government social protection network and other health and well-being services
  • Empowering the adolescent girls as well as the boys within the targeted beneficiary households from Babuganj and Banaripara Upazilas in terms of improved family life education, normal education  as well as rights entitlement through proper awareness and appropriate time-befitting education
  • Developing Civil Society Platform at Upazila and District level involving various occupational representatives there for strengthening advocacy and networking towards consolidation of MMC Rights and Social Protection.

Description of main activities and implementing process:
Activity related to strengthening power of general groups to support HCP in community:

  • Orientation of program activities and strategies to old General Group Members, Federation member and HCP members.
  • Survey and inventory of present social economic condition of project areas:
  • Beneficiary Training, HCP Group and Federation Members on advance leadership and management, participatory ward development planning and advance human rights, gender and social arbitration and legal aid.
  • HCP Disaster Management Committee and Training on Disaster Preparedness:
  • Training on Traditional birth attendance (TBA), seasonal vegetable production, poultry and duck rearing  and sustainable agriculture.
  • Strengthening coordination with GPG, HCP groups and community by HCP, WDC formation and Training on Advocacy and lobbying, Leadership and conflict resolution, Group Management, IGA Planning, Food and Nutrition Concept, Safe Water and Sanitation, Primary Health Care, Disaster Preparedness,
  • Training  on seasonal vegetable production, Family Size Poultry Rearing, Livestock rearing, Fish Cultivation, Food Processing and Catering, Mat Weaving, Seeds Production and Preservation, Package Agriculture.
  • Development of HCP Adolescent girls by primary and family life education, establish adolescent Center, Nutrition Food Demonstration, Cultural Function.
  • AIDs/STD Prevention Awareness Meeting:
  • Pit latrine distribution:
  • Dumping pit and flower garden:
  • Tube-well Installation:
  • Rain Water Catching Tank:
  • Meeting with other like minded NGOs and Civil society and HCP of the District:
  • Convention:
  • Exposure Visit:
  • Day Observation and Workshop:
  • Folk Function and Drama:
  • Formation of Safety-net Bank:
  • Survival Means Supplement:
  • Treatment Support:
  • Movement Aids:
  • Blanket:
  • Shock Recovery Support:
  • Base Status data Collection and Analysis:
  • Internal Evaluation:
  • Develop staff by orientation of project & strategies,ToT on Human Rights and Legal Aids, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Land Rights Issue, Participatory Monitoring, Health Care Service Management:
  • Flexible Credit to HCP.

Outputs :
At the end of 3 years project period the following outputs or results are expected by implementing activities and providing inputs to accomplish these activities.
  • Power and participation of general group strengthened for the need of HCP.
  • Assistance and collaboration among general group, HCP group and community people strengthen.
  • Capacity of HCP increased for demanding rights.
  • Improved living status of HCP for survival stage to developed stage.
  • Human assets of HCP adolescent girls developed.
  • General well being and health status of HCP improved.
  • HCP homestead environment improved.
  • Network with GO-NGO and civil society of HCP rights issue strengthened.
  • Safety-net for HCP established for shock recovery.
  • Project staff management capacity and perception improved.
  • HCP participation in micro-credit ensured.


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