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Integrated Development Association of Bangladesh (INDAB) serving since 1984 aimed at lessen the adverse affect in life and livelihood. INDAB emerged at Barisal district that netted by different river and branches where vulnerability and exposure is high, capacity is low and weather and climate extremes are changing. Community has to face several natural hazards yearlong due to overflow of river, flood, cyclone, river erosion, excessive cool and hot etc.  Global experts considered Barisal as worst affecting area by due to climatic impact. Climate change intensified the suffering of all sector people and mounting incessantly that severely impact social, cultural, ritual, political and economical factors.  

People of Barisal are highly nature depending cause agriculture and fishing only the means of livelihood. Earning minimum subsistence for the daily living is hardly possible for lion portion of inhabitant. And chronologically people facing more deteriorating situation that resulting some sorts of apathy to the better living consecutively fair living. INDAB initiate its effort with that helpless and dejection bonded community with a strong commitment to reorganize the mindset, build confidence among all - we shall overcome. 

INDAB targets comprehensive community development throughout peoples' initiative, emphasizing women and children. In each step we try to be poorer, disable, elderly citizen, environment friendly. We promote women participation in decision making, planning, designing and implementation. Involve children and youth from each sect of the community in every good practice to combat climate crisis, disaster risk reduction, education promotion, water, sanitation and hygiene and volunteerism to the community reconstruction and reformation. Experts opine - "even without taking climate change into account, disaster risk will continue to increase in many countries as more vulnerable people and assets are exposed to weather extremes."  INDAB dream to build disaster resilient community having passion and persistence from each individual, institution, organization and government.



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