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Vision & Mission

INDAB envisions a society where life of the under-privileged, unfortunate, down-trodden and the marginalized, including women and the children, are :-

(i) on equal footing,

(ii) well protected against all sorts of discriminations and deprivations,

(iii) assured of shelter, food, health, education and recreation,

(iv) parity to decision-making at family, community and national level, and

(v) well empowered towards pursuing a decent life.

INDAB pursues Mission to materialize the afore-said vision dreaming setting things in right track and most marginalized citizens (MMC) could enjoy their rights, through a set of tasks and intervention, viz.

(a) Social Mobilization,

(b) MMC orientation to the climate change, community managed disaster risk reduction, community initiative for better life and livelihoods,

(c) Involvement of Government Agencies, Local Bodies and  Civil Society in the process,

(d) Confidence Building and Voice-Raising,

(e) Advocacy and Network, and (f) Bridge the gap that ensure MMC access to the Social Safety Net provided by government and other agency .     



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